Get Our Scalable Sales System 
To Close More Deals…

Watch the video below to find out how we add 20 deals per week. 
PLUS $926 of FREE Bonuses!

Make Sure Your Sound Is On And Watch The Video Below


Get Our Scalable Sales System To Close More Deals…

Watch the video below to find out how we add 20 deals per week. 
PLUS $926 of FREE Bonuses!

Make Sure Your Sound Is On And Watch The Video Below


This Framework Will Help You...

By buying this book, you're not just unlocking a collection of sales tactics. You're unlocking a proven framework designed to elevate your sales game to new heights:

  • ​​​The psychological foundations of effective selling.
  • ​Strategies for building a strong sales pipeline.
  • ​​
    ​Gain insights into negotiating deals that benefit all parties.
  • ​Advanced relationship-building techniques.

With this system you WON'T have to:

  • Use sketchy tricks and tactics that are here today and gone tomorrow​.
  • ​Wonder where your next deal will come from.​​
  • ​Follow-up endlessly, begging for prospects to buy.


You'll have a playbook essential for anyone looking to reshape their approach to sales, whether you're a seasoned professional aiming to refine your technique or a newcomer.

The insights are grounded in real-world experiences, drawing from the rich history and proven strategies of sales experts David Fastuca and Luigi Prestinenzi.

At scale The Sales Mastery Framework could easily be worth hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars to your bottom line. But today, you just pay $5 for $926 of value.



PLUS, You'll Also Get:


BONUS Audio Book Version  Value $28

BONUS Audio Book Version
Value $28

Dive deeper into the transformative sales strategies with the audio version of "Sales Mindset by Growth Forum," your bonus when you purchase the ebook.

This audio version allows you to immerse yourself in the expert insights and proven tactics of David Fastuca and Luigi Prestinenzi wherever you are.

​Whether you're commuting, exercising, or simply prefer listening to reading, this audio book ensures you don't miss out on elevating your sales game to new heights.


BONUS Custom Sales Templates  Value $375

BONUS Custom Sales Templates 
Value $375

These resources equip you with a toolkit of professionally designed, ready-to-use templates that are integral to implementing the sales tactics and strategies discussed in the book.

Whether you're crafting persuasive emails, designing impactful presentations, or planning your sales pipeline, these templates are your shortcut to sales excellence.


And as an added BONUS...


BONUS Sales Strategy Call  Value $495

BONUS Sales Strategy Call 
Value $495

Remove the roadblocks within your sales process with this comprehensive review. Book a 60-minute deep with our founders to identify and address the obstacles that stand between you and your sales goals.

​With a detailed examination and expert analysis, we'll help uncover hidden challenges, streamline your approach, and set you on a clear path to achieving and even surpassing your sales goals.


Your Order Is Protected By Our

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If this bundle doesn't level-up your approach to sales within 30 days, we promise a hassle-free, full refund. Simply reach out to us at and request a refund. You can even keep the book and the bonuses.



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